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MIKE’S MESSAGE Thanks, again, for your interest and support of the Roosevelt High School Alumni Association. 2013 has been an exciting year! If you haven’t taken time to read the State of the Association, I urge you to do so. Did you see our school entry when it appeared in the St. Johns Parade on […]

Many of us remember the days when the main hall at Roosevelt was lined with Rose Festival Princesses (or Ambassadors) on the east end and Student Body Presidents on the west end. Many of us also know that several administrations ago these beloved pictures were taken down and removed to remote areas of the school […]

She was always just Mildred to me, the nice lady from my alma mater who joined the other two surviving Rose Festival Court members from 1935 to have lunch with me once a year. I met the ’35 Queen, Irene Hegeberg¬†Birney, over the phone, early on in my Rose Festival career.¬†I was doing a call-down […]