The RHS Alumni Association is on the internet?



Having an online presence is important in this day and age, and as the Roosevelt High School Alumni Association we are working to bring ourselves up to speed on “what the cool kids are doing these days”.

My name is Megan Hall (Class of ’13) and I have recently taken over the duties of Webmaster. I am a computer science student in my senior year of college who will be taking a position as a software developer once I graduate. I have been involved with Roosevelt’s social media since I was a freshman in high school in 2009, and began my journey with the RHSAA by helping with social media. Now that I am almost done with my degree I have a lot more knowledge with websites, and am also taking over the duty of running the website. Fun? I think so.

Here is what is going on now with our online, modern day presence:

Our website is up to date with information we currently have, and will continue to be updated as we get new information. It might look a bit clunky for the moment, but a lot more is going to come over the next year, including a page with information on upcoming reunions, a page on how to get involved (with the RHSAA and at RHS), a page for contacting us directly, and more. Maybe our site isn’t the most pretty or flashy, but who needs that when all the information you need will be there?

We are getting more involved with social media. We have had a Facebook page for quite some time, but we are working to make it more active. We have a Twitter that will be making more posts. We now have an Instagram (the coolest thing in my opinion), where we have already been engaging with lots of “young alums”. We are also going to get this blog more active with more in depth information that can usually be provided over social media.

Lots going on, and still lots to do. If you have any suggestions of any sort, we want to know. While I personally may be 21 years old, I am no expert on social media and the internet. If you have any interest in helping us sort out our online presence, please send talk to us! We love volunteers, and perhaps you’ll have some fun doing this too.

If you want to talk more about our website, social media, or anything else mentioned in this post, please send our Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram a private message, or email me directly at

It is always a great day to be a Rider!

Megan Hall

RHS Class of 2013

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