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Many of us remember the days when the main hall at Roosevelt was lined with Rose Festival Princesses (or Ambassadors) on the east end and Student Body Presidents on the west end. Many of us also know that several administrations ago these beloved pictures were taken down and removed to remote areas of the school […]

Dear Roughrider Nation! My name is Leina’ala Slaughter. I am the Head Coach for Roosevelt’s Cheer Squad. This year I am happy to announce our Roosevelt High School Cheer Squad is already under way. Cheer try-outs are around the corner and by the end of the school we will have formed our squad.  The coaches […]

Hard to think that it has been over 10 years since I’ve seen most of these people. Friends I grew up with, changed with … you get the idea. Our 30 year reunion, held days after 9/11, found us all in shock along with the rest of the country. One of our classmates, Brad Lepley, […]

Mike’s Message It is really encouraging to see people come together to achieve a common goal. It was my privilege to watch a great example of that this year. Because of generosity, partnership and teamwork we now have a Roosevelt Parade Float that debuted in the 50th Annual St Johns Parade. The students in the […]